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Εύα-Μαρία Παγιάτη (Translation Journeys)
Εύα-Μαρία Παγιάτη
France - Γαλλία
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52 Rue de la Resistance

Eva-Maria Payati - Translation Journeys

Identity: Translator

Extra Identity: Greek to English Literary Translator with a BA Hons in French and Spanish and a Master in Translation Studies

Email: [email protected]


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I'm Eva, a translator with a passion for Greek Literature! My mission is to reveal the talents of contemporary writers and poets from Greece by translating and showcasing their unique, innovative and original work in English. I work collaboratively with authors to produce translations that have the ability to connect with readers yet remain authentic and true to the author's message, essence, tone, voice and style. The current digital landscape empowers my mission to help engage and connect authors with new anglophone readers of diverse ages and backgrounds all over the world.