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Επιμέλεια (Περιεχομένου & Φιλολογική) κειμένων, Σελιδοποίηση, Δημιουργία Μακέτας εξωφύλλου, Εκτύπωση, Μετάφραση στην αγγλική γλώσσα.
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Cyprus - Κύπρος
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Σπετσών 1, Κοκκινοτριμιθιά, 2660, Λευκωσία, Κύπρος
00 357 99 930 885

Grateful Publications

Identity: Publisher

Email: [email protected]


Activities' description

Grateful Publications is a new publishing house, whose philosophy focuses on the essence of life and the positive messages that can be left by the story of each book (personal development, novel, biography, autobiography, short stories, fairy tale, fantasy, etc.). The procedural part is divided into two parts: In the first phase the publishing team undertakes to read and evaluate it. The procedures of the second phase are the following: Content Editing, Literary Editing, Pagination, Cover - back cover design, Printing, Promotion, Placement in bookstores, Book presentation, Interview