First phase of GreekLit program grants, September 2021: 

The overall results of the procedure: 

The first application period was completed on September 20, 2021. A total of 60 applications were submitted. 21 applications were submitted for a full translation grant from major publishers abroad for the translation of Greek books. Greek publishers & translators were present, with 39 applications. participating in the translation sample grant program. 


The translation assessment was executed as follows: 

1. Translation sample grant category: 

  • Number of applications: 39 
  • Approved applications: 35 
  • Number of languages: 8 

• More specifically, the languages ​​in which the translations took place were: English, French, Italian, Russian, Finnish, Spanish, Romanian, Danish, Croatian 

• The Payment of the 35 translation samples – AD phase – of a total amount of 21,700 euros to the applicants was completed by the Hellenic Foundation of Culture. 

2. Grant category up to 75% of the total translation: 

  • Number of applications: 21 
  • Approved applications: 21 
  • Number of languages: 12 
  • More specifically, the languages ​​in which the translations took place are: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese. Croatian, Albanian, Turkish, Hebrew, Romanian, Catalan and Polish