Title: Chinese Boxes – Four seasons for Detective Malone

Author: Soti Triantafillou

Genre: Non Fiction

Language: English

  • Translated by Giuseppina Dilillo
  • Voland Edizioni, Italy, 2012
  • ISBN: 9788862432900   
The story narrated in this book takes place in three New York neighborhoods. In Chinatown, in Hell’s Kitchen and in the Meat Market. Seasons and events unfold; in the stifling heat and under the rain, the half-damaged neon signs flash over dark windows; behind the same windows, crimes happen. The mysteries in this story are never revealed; they seem like Chinese boxes: when you open one, you’ll find another -sealed. There are seven murders; the victims' lives remain ambiguous, if not secret. Chinese Boxes are fragments in the life of a private detective, Stuart Malone, who chases after a chimera.