Applying for a translation grant for an entire work

General information

  • The call for expressions of interest for a translation grant concerning the translation of an entire work written in Greek into a foreign language is accompanied by an application form which is submitted online.
  • The call is addressed to foreign private and public legal entities, both ‘for-profit’ and ‘not-for-profit’, including but not limited to educational institutions, universities and foreign publishing houses. Such entities will be referred to henceforth as “the Publisher”.
  • The programme funds up to 75% of the total cost of the translation, as this is presented in the budget submitted along with the application. The Committee may review the proposed budget at its discretion, should it deviate significantly from the budgets submitted for the translation and publication of similar works in the same, or a comparable, language. In reaching this decision, the usual translation price per page for the country / language and literary genre may be taken into account, along with any other factors which the Committee may consider to cause the budgeted amount to differ from the amount submitted in the application.

There are three (3) application periods per year. Applicants can submit up to three (3) applications per period.

  • The quality of the original Greek work.
  • The quality of the work of the translator and publishing house that will undertake to publish the work in the specific language and country each time (lists of previous publications / published translations).
  • The rationale for choosing the proposed work.
  • Any relevant prizes and distinctions granted to the original work, such as the Greek State Prize for Literature.
  • The number of Greek editions of the proposed work.
  • The promotion of new and emerging authors.
  • The impact of the author’s work abroad.
  • In case of theatrical works, a statement of interest from a theatrical organisation abroad will be taken into consideration.
  • The goal of spreading the GreekLit funding programme as broadly as possible.
  • The elevation of the status of the Greek language and the Greek publishing sector internationally.


  • Publishers must be notified of the Committee’s decisions within six (6) weeks of the deadline for the submission of applications.
  • Agreements between the HFC and publishers whose applications are accepted must be signed within six (6) weeks of the announcement of the Committee’s positive evaluations and decisions, whose contents are binding for the Board of the HFC.
  • To determine translation costs, the Committee will examine the contract between the Publisher and the translator, as well as the official translation rates that apply in a given country, also taking into account, the specific demands of the work and the target language.
  • Grants are deposited in the bank account of the recipient Publisher in two (2) instalments: 50% on the signing of the relevant agreement with the Hellenic Foundation for Culture (HFC), and the remaining 50% following completion of the book.
  • The grant approved by the Committee is exclusively for the purpose of the publication of the specified work.
  • The Publisher shall not have the right to outsource any or all of the work to another translator without the Committee’s prior approval.
  • The Publisher shall immediately notify the Committee of any changes to any of the terms and information included in the grant application (such as a change of name or address) and obtain the Committee’s written consent.
  • To receive the payment, the Publisher must send within one month from the publication date, 10 copies of the book (5 copies to the Hellenic Foundation for Culture and 5 to the Letters Directorate of the General Secretariat of Contemporary Culture of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports) plus the receipt for the interbank transaction as proof that the translator’s fee has been paid.
  • Should the translation not be published, or the terms of this document or the contract not be met by the Publisher, the Hellenic Foundation for Culture (HFC) will be entitled to unilaterally terminate forthwith the contract with the Publisher, translator or literary agent, as the case demands.
  • Should the contract be terminated in line with the above paragraph hereof, the Publisher is obliged to return the grant in full, with no sum withheld, within 30 days of receiving the termination documentation from the Hellenic Foundation for Culture (HFC).
  • No further applications will be considered from organisations, publishers, or individuals who have previously failed to fully comply with the terms and conditions of the programme.
  • The Publisher must publish the work within two (2) years of the signing of the agreement.

The phrase “This publication was supported by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Hellenic Foundation for Culture within the framework of the GreekLit programme” must be printed on the first pages of the translated book in the language of the book, accompanied by the GreekLit logo.

  • The original Greek work proposed for translation must have been already published in printed form at the time of application by a respected* publishing house. The translation of the original Greek work must be published by a respected* publishing house abroad, able to guarantee that it will be distributed and promoted effectively in the country of publication.
  • The translated work must be published with a minimum first run of 1,000 print copies for prose works and 800 print copies for poetry and essays, taking into account the publishing practices and sales figures in the country of publication.
  • Any Publisher submitting an application to the programme must have already entered into an agreement or signed a contract with the rights holder of the original Greek work, as well as with the translator. The project must be published within two (2) years of the grant being approved. All types of books published in Greek, except school textbooks, can be put forward for translation, given that they meet the above criteria.
  • In the case of comic books, graphic novels, and/or children’s illustrated books, the application (and potential grant) may include the cost of purchasing the rights to the illustrations in digital form.

*Indicative criteria: a comprehensive list of titles published by the publishing house, its specialisation areas, its distribution and promotional networks and systems, proof of its concern for the quality of its translations (a list of collaborating translators), and the care and attention paid to the textual and typographical quality its published titles.

  • A five-member Committee is appointed by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports to evaluate the applications received; the Committee will serve for a term of two years. The Chair of the Committee is also appointed by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports.
  • The Committee may make use of ad hoc consultants from Greece and abroad, should that be considered necessary and in light of the knowledge field to which the proposal under consideration belongs.
  • Decisions are taken by majority open vote of attending members. In the event of a split vote, the vote of the Chair shall prevail.
  • The Committee’s proposals and decisions shall be recorded in the minutes and signed off by all members.
  • The members of the Committee :
  1. Nikos Bakounakis, professor, author (President of the Committee)
  2. Elisavet Kotzia, literary critic
  3. Charis Meletiadis, professor
  4. Sissy Papathanassiou, director of Literature, DG of Contemporary Culture
  5. Katerina Schina, author, translator

For a short CV of the members please click here.

For the application, please click here

Application Dates

Three times a year: 20 September, 20 January, 20 May.