In Beijing, Greece’s presence is dedicated to children’s literature

and a new Greek-Chinese translation programme

The Greek stand welcomed the public from Wednesday 14/9 to Saturday 18/9/21, with the support of students from the Department of Greek Studies of Peking University and the Embassy of Greece in Beijing.

Greece participates in this year’s Beijing International Beijing Book Fair, with a new translation programme that is expected to significantly strengthen publishing exchanges between Greece and China and two panel discussions on literature and translation; the Book Fair took place -after a one-month postponement- from 14 to 18 September 2021.

The Greek stand is organized again this year by the Hellenic Foundation for Culture (HFC), in collaboration with the Greek Embassy in Beijing, which undertakes the stand’s presence in the Book Fair. The event was held with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports (Directorate of Letters) and is part of the 2021: Greece-China Year of Culture and Tourism.

In the renewed Greek stand, emphasis was placed on children’s literature, and on illustrated children’s books, which has flourished significantly in recent years in the international market. 50 titles of children’s books have been translated and published in the last two years in other languages, including 15 titles in Chinese. The works of important Greek illustrators were also presented, along with books that received distinctions and  awards and were translated into other languages; also publications on mythology, ancient and modern Greek art, the new translation programme

The visitors of the Greek Pavilion had the opportunity to meet, through videotaped messages) the two Greek nominees for the Andersen International Awards 2022: Maria Papagianni for writing and Iris Samartzi for illustration. Also, the inspired work of 80 creators who responded to the invitation of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture to participate in the album “Illustrators from Greece”.



 “The new Greece-China translation programme, goals and prospects”

Presentation of the new programme “Support for the translation and publication of works of classical and modern book production in China and Greece” with the aim of encouraging exchanges and collaborations in order for at least 25 Greek books to be published in China and 15 Chinese books in Greece.


– Nikos A. Koukis, President of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture

– Sissy Papathanassiou, Director of the Directorate of Letters of the Ministry of Culture

– YinYali, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Director of the Center for Hellenic Studies

– Peng Donglin, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Foreign Language Teaching and Research   

  Press (FLTR)

 “Greek-Chinese translation exchanges: the case of children’s books”

At least 15 illustrated Greek children’s books have been translated and published in China over the past two years, creating new bridges for translation exchanges. Five speakers present five recent publications out in the Chinese market. The videotaped event included:

– Speech by the President of China Translation Publishing House Mr. Qiao Weibing on the publication of Greek Mythology by Stefanidis Brothers.

– Speech by the author Eleni Geroulanou, the illustrator Irida Samartzi and Ms. Liang from the publishing house Hebei Youth-Children Publishing House for the book “Once Upon A Bear”

– Lecture by Professor of Greek at the Department of Greek Studies of Shanghai International Studies University Ms. Hu Jingjing (Sofia) on the books “The Last Black Cat” and “Greek Children’s stories collection”

– Lecture by Ms. Qian Yingchao, a lecturer at the Department of Greek Language at Beijing University of Foreign Studies, on the book “The World of Heroes – Homer’s Epics”.

– Speech by the journalist of the Greek CRI Media Service and translator Ms. Li Yueqiao (Marianna) about the books “The good and the bad knights”, “The good and the bad pirates”, “The good and the bad witches” Author: Antonis Papatheodoulou , Illustration: Iris Samartzi